– First Consult to Practice as a New Patient $85
– Standard Consult $80
– Long Consult: $115
– Extended Consult: $150
– Antenatal Consult: $80
– Treatment Room Fee: $50 (EG: Iron Infusion, Sutures, ROL, hormone insertion or removal)
– Repeat prescription: $15 (48 hrs notice is required)

Please note: Additional fees apply for other services such as pregnancy test, ECG, vaccinations.
A private account will apply and is payable on the day of service.
Workers compensation consults, a private account will apply until liability is accepted by the employer or insurance company and a claim number is provided.
We accept Cash, Eftpos & Credit Card as payment
Your Medicare rebate can be deposited back into your bank account using EFTPOS on the same day.
Pensioners, children still attending school and DVA card holders are bulk billed.
Discount apply for health care card holder’s these cards must be up to date to claim the discount. This applies to patients of practice only.
Visiting patients will be charge full fees and no concession.